Client Survey

We consistently review our practices to establish whether any enhancements could be made to the way in which we deal with our clients.

As part of this review we would welcome your feedback and would be grateful if you would please answer the following questions under the three areas:

  1. Service Delivery
  2. The Adviser
  3. Communications.

We would also welcome any other feedback you wish to provide in the comments section at the end.

Thank you for taking time to complete this questionnaire; your feedback will make a difference.

If there are any further areas that we could assist you with then, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Service Delivery
    1. The clarification and explanation of the service to be provided by the firm.

    2. The timely delivery of the service by the firm.

    3. The helpfulness of any representative of the firm who you dealt with.

    4. The way you were dealt with if you had to contact the firm’s offices for any reason.

    5. The accuracy of the information provided to you by the firm.

    6. The clarification and explanation of how the firm were to be paid.

    7. The way you were treated by the firm when raising any queries relating to service.

    The Adviser
    1. The process the adviser went through to gain an understanding of your financial objectives.

    2. The establishment, explanation and consideration of your attitude to risk.

    3. The explanation the adviser gave you on how the product/advice was to work.

    4. The interaction of your adviser with other professionals (e.g. accountant/solicitor)?

    5. The provision of objective and suitable advice for your needs.

    6. The ability of the adviser to put you at ease and not make you feel you were under any undue pressure to commit.

    7. The timing and delivery of the review by the adviser.

    8. The name of your adviser.

    1. The clarity of any letters, brochures and any other documentation provided to you.

    2. The timing and arrangements made to conduct a review with you.

    3. The frequency of communications you receive from the firm.

    4. The relevance of any communications sent to you by the firm.

    5. The way you were treated by the firm when raising any queries on communications.

    6. The overall standard of communications received from the firm.

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