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The starting point of the mortgage process is to ‘know your customer’.

Our fact find is extensive to ensure that any proposal is suitable and appropriate for our client’s circumstances.

As well as taking account of a client’s personal and financial situation, our fact find covers broader attitudes and values, and level of experience and knowledge about risks associated with mortgages.

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    I have not filed for bankruptcy, been issued a county court judgement (CCJ), had my home repossessed or entered into an individual voluntary arrangement (IVA) in the last 6 years.

    In the past year, I have not taken a payday loan or defaulted on a mortgage, unsecured loan, credit card or bill payment.

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    I/We have provided this information understanding that it is used to form the basis of any advice and recommendations made and that I/we are not under any obligation to take up any recommendations made.

    I/We understand that recommendations may be made which involve a regular financial commitment or the investment of capital. Accordingly, I/we understand that I/we must be sure of my/our ability to meet that commitment having given consideration to all other expenditure and the provision for any emergencies, which may require access to funds.

    I/We give permission for this information to be used for the preparation of my/our financial plan and understand that the mortgage recommendations will be based solely on the information supplied in this form.

    I/We consent to receive any product brochures, technical specifications and any other relevant information on the products that the adviser may recommend electronically via email.

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