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Pensions are not always the most exciting of topics, and almost everyone agrees that they have become so complex due to the numerous changes in legislation, new regulatory demands and the lack of transparency concerning fees, performance and annual statements pension holders receive.

Very few people know the exact value of their pension, sometimes who their providers are, what the performance has been, what the charges are and ultimately what their pension will give them in retirement. Yet most people know how much they spent on their last item of clothing. We are here to help you understand your pension as it is, what your pension could achieve for you and to assist with getting the process underway via having a pension review.

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Why a Pension Review is Essential For Pension Holders Today
These are fundamental questions which every pension holder needs to know the answers to.

Do you…

  1. know the last time your financial adviser or pension provider bothered to actually give you a personal call to chat to you, rather than just charge you an annual fee for their ‘service’?
  2. know the value of your pension(s)?
  3. know what fees your pension(s) charge you, from your current provider to funds, platforms and even financial advisers?
  4. know what asset classes your pensions are invested into?
  5. know whether your pension investments reflect your current attitude to risk and capital/income requirements?
  6. know how the investments within your pension have performed, are currently performing and what the level of volatility of performance has been?
  7. know the benefits your pension will provide you with in retirement and whether this will match your capital and income requirements?

Reviewing Your Pension
One of our independent financial advisers can conduct a thorough pension review bespoke to your circumstances.

Pension Freedom Changes Due To New Legislation
Changes to pension legislation have provided many pension holders with far more freedom in connection with their retirement savings. Again one of our financial advisers can help.

The Process

  • Pension Review – Great, you have decided that a pension review is necessary for all of the reasons we explain here on our website. In many ways, the hardest part to decide to take action has already been done.
  • Online Application – Please complete our very simple form to get your pension review under way. One of our pension advisers will call you to explain the process in full and to send you some simple paperwork to complete. This will allow the financial adviser to ascertain key facts about your current pension(s) and their suitability for your current needs.
  • Report – Once all the information has been received from your current pension providers, and the financial adviser has obtained your attitude to risk from speaking briefly with you, our financial adviser will compile a detailed report outlining all the key points about your current pension arrangements and moreover will detail any more suitable pension options that are available in today’s market.
  • Decision – Our financial adviser will discuss their research and potential options with you and answer any questions you may have. You will then be in a position to decide whether you wish to proceed with the advice given and become a client of FIRCO or stay with your current arrangements.
  • Move Your Pension(s) – If advised to move your pension(s) then the financial adviser will arrange the documentation required to move your pension(s) to a new provider. All fees payable by you would normally be deducted from your pension upon transfer, with the impact of these fees taken into account by your financial adviser and detailed in Report you would have already received.
Should you not wish to proceed no fees would not have been charged and you would not be liable for any fees either.
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The above article is purely for information purposes and does not constitute advice.

The value of investments can go down as well as up and you may not get back the full amount you invested. The past is not a guide to future performance and past performance may not necessarily be repeated.

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