Acceptable Forms of ID,
Proof of Address
& Earnings

You must provide one proof of identity (ID) and one proof of address (POA) and an additional item of either ID or POA from the approved list below. The additional item must be provided from a separate source i.e. 2 bank statements; one for a savings account and a second for a current account from the same provider would not be accepted.

If you are making a joint application then bills in joint names may be considered as one proof of address for each of the named individuals on that bill. Where you have recently married and have not made the appropriate changes to your documentation please also include your marriage certificate.

You must provide us with proof of your income.

Personal Identity

Address verification

Proof of Earnings

Bank Statements

What format of documents do I need to send?
We’ll need a clear scan or photograph of your Photo and Address ID please. Or downloaded pdf documents are perfect for address ID.

We’ll run an electronic ID check alongside your documents, please be aware that lenders may wish to see a certified copy of your identification.

We’re stating the obvious now, but all photo ID must be signed, and valid and all address ID must show name, date and address. There are still some banks (you know who you are) giving copies of statements not showing name and address!

Although you can post originals to us, downloaded pdf’s are best for any utility bill’s or bank statements you may be sending to us.

Please note that the above isn’t an exhaustive list, since lenders will always reserve the right to request additional documents where they feel it is warranted. The above documents will however ensure that we can confirm that our initial advice and choice of lender are correct and accurate in terms of lending policy and criteria, we can complete an application form accurately and that the majority of lender document requests are held on file whilst handling your application.

Thank you in advance.

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